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Fire/Life Safety

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms offer incredible peace of mind while safeguarding your business or home and the people in it. ASP handles residential fire alarm systems, commercial build-outs and retro-fits. Our trained installation experts understand all relevant state codes, standards and regulations and maintain relationships with local fire authorities. We will successfully complete your residential or commercial fire alarm system insuring your system will pass inspection. By partnering with ASP, you will benefit from decades of experience in the life safety industry.

Residential Fire Alarm System

  • protects lives and property
  • reduces homeowner insurance premiums
  • can be hardwired or wireless
  • notifies authorities if you are away from home
  • gives a homeowner peace of mind

Commercial Fire Alarm System

  • we are licensed to install in CT and RI
  • protects employees and the public using conventional or addressable systems
  • lead people to safety with a Voice Evacuation announcement
  • secure your investment with professional fire alarm monitoring
  • connect to fire suppression systems such as sprinklers or ANSUL
  • shut down HVAC air handlers with duct smoke detectors and relays
  • comply with local codes and regulations



The leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in North America, Carbon Monoxide (CO) is odorless, tasteless and invisible – it’s a silent killer. The only safe way to know if carbon monoxide is present is to install carbon monoxide detectors (alarms) on every level of your home and in sleeping areas.  Carbon monoxide detectors trigger an alarm based on an accumulation of carbon monoxide over time. Detectors may be based on a chemical reaction causing a color change, an electrochemical reaction that produces current to trigger an alarm, or a semiconductor sensor that changes its electrical resistance in the presence of CO.

It brings a sense of peace knowing that in the event of a real fire, the authorities will be notified immediately to respond.
— Salvation Army