Access Control

Access control systems allow authorized personnel admission or access to buildings or specific areas. Through software, system administrators create schedules allowing employees to buildings or areas during fixed times. Access control offers enhanced security by filtering when and who accesses vital areas of your buildings or offices where electronic data, client records, stock, private industry information or equipment may be stored. ASP will install your Access Control system and guide you through the challenging programming and implementation options.


  • Electronic keys are difficult to duplicate
  • You NEVER have to change the locks due to lost keys or personnel turnover
  • Complete user history
  • Electronic access control is completely customizable for every user
  • Electronic locks permit remote “Buzz In”

Here are a few different types of Access Control readers:

  • Biometrics – Read a fingerprint or retina scan, in order to verify that a person is verified for access. An advantage with these readers is that users are not required to carry around a card.
  • Magnetic Cards – Much like a credit card, the swipe of a magnetic strip is used for verification.
  • Proximity Readers – Using Radio Frequency Technology (RFID) a small plastic key fob signals access. A key fob can conveniently fit on your key ring, and is very durable (it is hard plastic and waterproof).
  • Numeric Keypads – A numeric code must be entered for verification.
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