Video/Camera Systems

camera systems

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) provides cost-effective surveillance that uses video cameras to transmit images to a monitor on a closed system either continuously or intermittently. CCTV offers expansive security and monitoring for homes and businesses such as parking lots, banks, airports, industrial plants, convenience stores and military installations. Whether you need CCTV for your home, business or institution, ASP security consultants will meet with you to determine the right system to fit your needs and install your CCTV system.

Benefits of a CCTV system

camera systems
  • stores evidence of an event
  • identifies people and/or transactions
  • displays areas such as a parking lot or storefront
  • specialized equipment can provide high definition detail such as license plate numbers or cash register activity
  • images can be recorded in complete darkness using light intensification or infrared illumination.
  • weatherproof equipment can be used outdoors if required
  • vandal-proof cameras can be used to protect video signals
  • megapixel cameras compress more data/pixels into an image, giving you a clearer live and recorded picture, as well as better enhancement and zooming capabilities.
  • IP cameras and Digital Video Recorders can stream online
  • view multiple cameras on one monitor
  • use a smartphone to view images remotely
  • count the number customers who enter your business and/or make a purchase
  • play a recorded message in the area of an potential intrusion
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