ARE YOU Building or remodeling a Home?

Here are some things that we can help you with before you insulate and sheet rock your walls.  We have been in business since 1972. Within our decades plus years of installation experience and expertise, we have been called in to make the seemingly impossible, possible. We have worked in all ages and forms of construction and have successfully "fished" and installed wiring between floors and into ceilings. That being said, it is much more cost effective to do this when the walls and ceilings are still open.  In addition to burglar, fire, carbon monoxide, and environmental alarms, you may want to consider some of the following:


At ASP, we can install an audio system to fit any budget. Whether it's one pair of speakers in your kitchen or out on your back deck, or multiple rooms playing individual sources, we can design a system that's right for you. Speakers can be installed in the ceiling or in walls. Often times, we will install a volume control or keypad within the listening area. We can connect existing components to your new system, or provide sources that will allow for Internet content such as Pandora, and Tune in Radio, as well as music directly stored on your phone, tablet, iPod or computer.


We are installing more and more camera systems. A camera system can certainly help bring piece of mind to the home or business owner. Systems can be very affordable, especially if the wires are in place before your construction is completed. We work with many industry leaders in camera technology, and have systems that can fit most any budget. "Pre-wiring" for future can drastically lower the overall cost of a system installation.


Do you have a smart TV or DVD player that you are currently connecting through WIFI? If your signal is spotty, you may not be able to stream at optimal rates. Running network cables to TV and PC workstation locations will help strengthen and speed up your network speed. In addition, larger homes may require additional wireless access points to keep all of your hand held devices running smoothly.